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Join a League

Choose between the two types of league;

Public League

Public leagues are pre-set leagues for all users to join, just select the league you are wanting to join, pay your stake and you’re away!

(public leagues have a pre-set number of entrants prior to the deadline being set, once this quota is met the deadline will be set and you will be required to make your first pick)

Private League

Join a private league using the code provided from ‘the creator’, simply select ‘join league’ then ‘private league’ and enter the code provided


 become a ‘creator’ yourself, follow the instruction through the ‘create league’ button and spread your league code to those who you ‘want in’


In all leagues you will need to select one team each game week who you believe will win their fixture.

(make sure you make this selection before the deadline or ‘you’re outta there’)

Live Results

Keep up to date with how your mates & leagues are getting on, Watch the results roll in on our LIVE scores page!

The Result

If your selection;



If you make a correct ‘pick’ you will move through to the next round, this will mean you need to make you next selection for the following round of fixtures.

(remember you can only choose each team once, so either save the best till last or blow all your big guns early)



If your team loses, you lose. If your ‘pick loses’ you will be out of the league until one lucky player wins the pot.

(remember there’s always a chance of a rollover so your money hasn’t been lost yet)



It’s the same a loss, this is a winners game, so only winners go through!!

(ps. Don’t forget there could be a rollover)

Pay Out


Leagues are based on a last man standing / winner takes all basis, the player who is, the last man standing following all correct selections will take the pot (the pot balance will be transferred in to the winner's bank account).



If no one manages to be ‘the last man standing’ (i.e. the last two players both lose or draw) then it’s a ROLLOVER – All the money stays in the pot, everyone buys back in and it starts again.


Fundraiser League


Fundraiser Leagues work the same as all other Football Picks leagues, the rules are the same the only difference is that a percentage of the pot goes to the fundraiser (this is generally a local club or charity). The percentage going to the club is a maximum of 50% and the FP fees are split between the last man standing and the fundraiser.


Important Clarifications

* If no ‘selection/pick’ is made before the deadline time and date the user will be knocked out and lose their stake if the league is won.

* No refunds are provided regardless of how many people are in a league, once a stake has been made the league must play out until there is a Last Man Standing.

* Once a player has paid in to a league, regardless of number of players their stake will be subject to FP game fees.

* All match results are based on the 90 minute result of each match. Extra time and penalties are not used for match results.

* Club Fundraiser Leagues - The clubs % will be transfered once the deadline has passed.

* There is no possibility of buying in to a game once the initial deadline has passed.

* If a new player buy’s in to a rolled over league the ‘buy in’ will be equivalent to the total stake wagered for all the rolled over game weeks.

* Should a user ‘pick’ a game that is postponed this selection will be processed as a ‘bye’ and the selection will be classed as a win.

* Game fee’s will be deducted from each ‘buy in’ and this figure will be deducted prior to funds being transferred to the winner, therefore fees will be deducted from the figure shown in the ‘pot’, this fee may vary but will be between 10% and 15%, an additional £1 payout transaction fee will be deducted from the winnings when they are transferred to the last man standing.


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Football Picks Ltd is committed to supporting responsible gambling. Underage gambling is an offence.


Football Picks uses cookies, this helps improve your experience whilst visiting our site, helps with fraud prevention and helps us fulfil our legal and regulatory obligations. Please read our privacy policy for further information on how we use information obtained from cookies.


Football Picks Limited is a company registered in England, UK. Football Picks is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission (Number: 000-050384-R-327820-003) for customers in Great Britain.

The registered office of Football Picks Limited is at Cromford Creative, Cromford Mill, Matlock, DE4 3RQ with registered company number 10729412.

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